The Kop looks for a replacement for Salah

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    Liverpool’s attack this season does not have the necessary stability. They are still too dependent on their biggest star, Mohamed Salah. However, according to, the Egyptian player seems to no longer be himself.


    Sign of the downfall of the King of Egypt

    The injury seems to have caused Salah to lose form. Egypt’s top striker recently missed many good opportunities. Thereby indirectly causing The Kop to receive unfavorable results.

    Salah is likely to leave at the end of the season

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    Besides injuries, age is also a problem for Salah. This player is 31 years old this year. Problems gradually appeared with his running steps. Currently, this player’s contract with The Kop only has 1 more season left. And according to many sources, there is a high possibility that Salah will leave Anfield after this season ends.


    Obviously, if a new solution cannot be found to replace the position of the Egyptian King, the Anfield team will certainly face many difficulties when entering the next season. And according to Liverpool’s main news site, they are targeting the rising star of Athletic Bilbao.


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    Liverpool is ready to spend heavily on Nico Williams

    Nico Williams is still growing strongly in Athletic Bilbao. This striker has really caused a stir in La Liga this season. Since the beginning of the season until now, this Spanish player has had 3 goals and 8 assists after 24 appearances.


    This impressive performance also helped Nico Williams catch the eye of many scouts from major Premier League teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United,… And recently, Liverpool has also shown signs of willing to spend heavily to bring this Ghanaian player back to Anfield.

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    Liverpool is ready to spend money on Nico Williams

    Nico Williams’ playing style is considered by experts to be quite suitable for The Kop. This winger possesses impressive speed as well as quite a good finishing skill set. This will be an extremely high-quality replacement if Liverpool lets Salah leave.


    However, it seems that the home team at Estadio San Mamés does not want their precious gem to leave. They are still rejecting many offers from the big guys. However, Liverpool showed high determination when they were willing to offer up to 42 million pounds to get the signature of the 21-year-old player.